Monday, May 15, 2006

Reflections - Past and Present

As my son finishes his first college year today and flies back tomorrow and we both approach our birthdays (19/55) it is sad and nice to reflect upon many things.

I'm happy that for my son college has been a positive, successful experience.

I'm happy that I have a loving partner, a good son and two wonderful step-sons - all who add a lot to my life.

I'm appreciative that I'm healthy and mobile and have many opportunities that many others don't have. My father died when he was almost 9 years younger than I am. My brother has had a life with many heartaches, though thankfully he is happy now in his life.

I love our new house and hope that our life in it will be a new, wonderous part of my life. I love the creek in back, the birds, the trees, and the many flowers and other shrubbery. I love the new area we live in with so many wonderful places to go on bicycle, foot, by bus or by car.

Most importantly - I'm happy to try to grow and explore and learn from my mistakes moving forward living in my present and future.



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