Thursday, November 15, 2012

To Accept Myself

To accept myself
Is not a simple – linear feeling

•    It includes:  taking risks and
Accepting and Learning when I fall or fail

•    It includes:  being aware of
and feeling sadness, hurt and
Even pain – at times
(– the loss of someone dear to me for example),

•    It includes being angry and using that anger in positive ways
( – such as reacting to injustices that others and I face)

It means loving and helping heal myself acknowledging 
that which is difficult


doing my best

Recognizing and Appreciating
the flowers, the bright-warm sunlight, the flowing waters


both the little boy
and the aging women
(and just outside me)

Learning not to blame
Living Today – as Today
Welcoming Tomorrow


Accepting Yesterday

As I move ahead in my life.

George:  11/11/2012 – as a new day begins