Thursday, May 04, 2006

Hi There!

Approaching my 55th Birthday, in transition - retiring soon and moving to the Pacific Northwest I hope to share with you some of my feelings, thoughts and ideas. Responses are of interest to me.

I tend to ramble, but will try to learn to be a little more succinct over time.

I was born in Michigan, grew up in Indiana, went to the University of Wisconsin, Madison as an undergraduate and ended up living in Chicago due to my love of blues music in 1973-4, moved back to Madison in 1983 and then moved to Oakland, California in 1989. I have lived in several parts of the East Bay Area working most recently in San Francisco for the Social Security Administration until 1992 and the U.S. Department of Labor in several capacities since then. June 16, 2006 will be my last day of work, ending 31 years with the Federal Government, and shortly thereafter my family and I will be fully moved from California to the Pacific Northwest.

I first married in 1977 to essentially my first long-term girlfriend "B1". On my 36th birthday my son "B2" was born. My first marriage had long-term problems and ended in 2002 when I met "B3". We've been happily (mostly) together since then. Her sons: "M1" and M2" are 10 and 7.

Feminism has had a huge influence on my life since the early 1980's. I helped co-found an incredible Men's Anti-Rape Group in 1983 and this work helped me grow over the years. Parenting my son and now my step-sons has been another strong influence on my life. My feminist ideals have often been challenged by the realities of who I am, not always with the best results. I've tried, but have certainly repeated some patterns I'd prefer to break free of.

Liberal-left politics have long been an interest of mine. I tend to be interested in exploring ways that we can better influence the results we face in the United States. Areas such as national healthcare, U.S. foreign policy, taxation and various other areas interest me a lot.

I love to be outdoors walking, bicycling and just being in the sun, the light rain, under the moon and in many other settings. Being near water and exercising are both important to me.

I read a fair amount - a majority non-fiction - biographies, history, etc. - and also some popular fiction.

I'm looking forward to retiring soon! I will tutor in my step-sons' public school, do other volunteer work, exercise much more, try to keep up our new, wonderful house, be a house-husband taking care of my step-son's basic needs - to/from school - after school etc. and explore new areas in my life.

Be well!


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