Tuesday, May 09, 2006


Partnering can be incredibly fulfilling as well as most difficult to do successfully!

For me learning patience is and has been key. I can't control my partner. I can't control her feelings. I can't control most everything about her. I don't want to control her.

I do want to distinguish between my feelings about B from B herself. What I feel about her often reflects much more about me than about her. Where I do react to things she says or doesn't say or whatever - the levels of joy or fear or anger or whatever depend greatly upon how I'm feeling and what my expectations are.

Listening to what I take to be criticism is helpful for me. I know that usually a piece of what is said is of use to me. Separating that piece from B's words is also important. I don't want or need her issues - her feelings, or other things, though I want to respect and acknowledge what she is feeling.

Partnering has opened me up to many things; silliness, new ideas and much, much more!

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