Monday, May 08, 2006

Favorites and Biases

Today I'd like to share some of my biases, favorities and other odds and ends.


History/Political Outlook book on the U.S.: - A People's History of the United States - Howard Zinn - no competition here that I know of

Fiction Authors: Dan Brown, Faye Kellerman, Tammy Hoag (many left out here!)

Favorite Magazine I read regularly: The New Yorker

Activist Group: - A Jewish Voice for Peace - - This San Francisco Area based group is expanding to other areas. They speak a message I find very important - speaking for communication with and seeking peace with the Palestinians in the West Bank - not a message of "self-hatred", nor "Jewish guilt", but speaking to and with Jews and others trying to build a viable, honest peace that will recognize both the rights and needs of both Palestinians and Israelis (Jews). This is a really difficult area - where polarization often comes forth.

Music: - the early songs from the mid-60's - of Curtis Mayfield and the Impressions - before Superfly

Professional Baseball Team: The Oakland Athletics - simply my favorites!

Type of Place to Be: Along the water - hearing and feeling a flow or waves, sun reflecting in it, feeling the wind and the energy - put forth.

Cities to Visit: Paris, London, New York City, Chicago

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