Saturday, January 27, 2007

Onyx - Our 2nd Puppy !!

Yesterday I got a phone call asking if I would be willing to foster a (Black Miniature) Golden Doodle - 3 months old - until a permanent adoption was completed. I drove an hour and picked up two pups - each around 10 lbs in size - and brought them to another foster home - which had a 3rd littermate of the two pups. When I got home the three other (human) household members said: Geo, can t we keep him! Now - we have two pups for good - Onyx - is about 10 lbs vs. perhaps 36-38 for Rojo, who now looks huge!

Onyx has peed and pooped in the kitchen this evening already.

He should be somewhere in the 30-35 lb range when fully grown perhaps. Rojo will probably end up 60+ lbs in size. So our - Labradoodle - is Red or Golden and our Golden Doodle is Black!

Fun - and 2-4 hours of sleep - before taking him out - if he does not pee in the plastic crate we will use for a few days.

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