Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Iraq - Palestine, etc.

I note that in the entire time that this blog has existed never has anyone commented (positively or negatively) on my writings about issues relating to my Judiasm and issues relating to Israel and The West Bank and Gaza. This seems peculiar to me!

It is sad and fascinating to see the latest "plans" for Iraq. Initially I read that President Bush intended to maintain his military position in Iraq until the end of his presidency, to leave issues to his successor. This seemed to me a difficult pose for the "Great One", as it seems obvious to me that continual war into 2009 looks difficult to sustain politically given its likelihood of failure.

Now I read of how the Bushites have a two part strategy:

1.) Pressure the Iraqi Government to get control of its Shiite forces - who have a strong vested interest in success and:

2.) Force cooperation with Sunni forces - else 1.) will no doubt fail and IF this fails over the next 6 months or so:

3.) Regime change - bringing in others - who will put forth the Bush Agenda - No Focus Here - upon "democracy" - or leadership increasingly from Iraqis - but US - Agenda - #1 - the only important thing.

I found most of this very interesting! The "De Baathization" - of the Sunnis - with increasing involvement of Sunnis in leadership as well as the pressures upon the Shiite leadership exposes the fact that the Iraqi Government and agenda MUST represent what the U.S. wants, not what the Iraqis want.

It seems sad and funny - that people in the US largely do not see a pattern in US Foreign Policy - that views the US as "benevolent" or ("Father Knows Best") and the rest of the world as needing to go along with our "benevolent leadership".

Prime Minister Blair and the British leadership seem to be separating themselves completely from the Bush Position in these areas.

It seems strange that somehow this military strategy with 21-22,000 new troops - focussing upon Baghdad will somehow succeed now. Bush is now appointing new leaders of the US effort on the ground in Iraq - most of whom were "outsiders" or left the cause in disgust in 2003-2004 because they saw the stupidity and futility of what was done in various areas then.

Clearly 70-80% of the U.S. public want the troop levels to drop and troops to be withdrawn over the next few years, rather than an escalation of the War effort. It will be interesting to see what happens!

Now Ms. Rice - is seeking peace in Palestine - The West Bank and Gaza. Unfortunately no one sees her efforts as being more than token - nothing behind them.

Jimmy Carter has written - what seems to be - an insightful book on the Palestinian issue and he, as others before him, has been pillaged - as being "wrong" because his attempt at balance calls upon the need for Israel to withdraw from The West Bank and Gaza, rather than "The Palestinians to be reasonable".

Few in the US seem to understand that Israel has not been holding the U.S. back by not making peace with the Palestinians. During the periods where peace looked faintly or faintly-faintly possible, the U.S. has consistently pressured Israel to do things which prevent peace from having a chance. Israel paid a heavy price last summer - fighting largely for the US - under pressure from the US during at least the latter part of the War in Lebanon.

The perceived strategic interests of the US often rely upon "states of war" - economic and other interests which rely upon avoiding real peace. "Democracy" in this context really means US friendly governments which act not in their own interests when the chips are down. Unfortunately for Ms. Rice and President Bush, his "plans" now do not really help any governments in the Middle East besides perhaps the perceived short-term interests of the Israeli Government.

A continued state of war - helps maintain (some) Israeli and US economic interests. The West Bank has potential Palestinian economic interests who want the water that Israel controls, and may create a future economy which might eventually threaten Israeli economic domination in various areas.

Hopefully Israelis and most importantly people in the US (particularly us Jews!) will start seeing the importance of taking the risks to make real peace!

Perhaps if we succeed some day we might help create a world where it will no longer be OK for the US to always be: Number One - and others to hate us - as their interests are kept at bay.


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aCkret said...

The situation in Iraq and the Palestine-Israel conflict are two sides of the same coin, or $ bill. People directly involved and victimized realize this (i.e. the populations of Palestie, Lebanon, Iraq, Afganistan) and that is what causes feelings of resent and rage against the US. Is this fair to the American people? Maybe the reason why readers do not comment on your posts concerning these issues is because they cannot absorbe the fact that the "benovelent leadership" is what lead to the horrific events of 9/11. I pretty much agree with everything you said.