Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Palestinian - Jewish Communication etc.

Last evening I attended a meeting with nine others to try to begin coordinating plans for peace related events towards ending the occupation of The West Bank and Gaza for the 40th Anniversary of the beginning of the Occupation (in June, 2007).

We were: three Palestinians, four Jews and probably three White Christian ("normal folks").

We had few visible boundaries between us and much mutual respect.

It is strange how "Muslims" are in the U.S. this scary monolithic people who we are so afraid of.

It is also strange how most people in the U.S. don't understand the importance to millions of people in other parts of the world (many of whom are Muslim) of the Palestinian people having their own completely independent state.

I will continue feeling a need to work with other Jews, in cooperation with others to try to help change things for the better in the U.S. primarily seeking changes in U.S. foreign policy. While Jewish Israelis are certainly not the sole "problem", their fears must be dealt with in building peace for all in this part of the Middle East. It will take work among all - U.S. people and leadership, the Palestinians, other Arab and nearby countries and the Israelis to finally achieve peace.

Let's not pretend though that the hurts of the wars and the occupation have hurt Israel and Jews More than they've affected the Palestinians. 40 years of occupation and 59 years of the State of Israel have greatly affected the Palestinians. The Palestinians aren't a meaningless part of the Arab/Muslim world which lack importance any more than we, the Jews of the U.S., are meaningless because we don't live in Israel.



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