Monday, February 05, 2007

The Exodus from Iraq

Based upon the data I quoted about the Middle East and the U.S. recently Iraq's population is approximately 1/11th of the population of the United States.

Based upon the numbers shown in an article originally written by Sudarsan Raghavan of the Washington Post entitled: "Exodus from Iraq creates friction in Middle East" if one were to multiply the given Iraqi numbers by eleven, we would have:

1. Almost 22 million who had fled our country,
2. 18.7 additional millionwho had been forced to move to safer places in the U.S.
3. As many as 550,000 USians fleeing their homes each month.

It's hard for me to imagine such staggering numbers.

Similarly, suicide bombings that kill 30 to 120 or so Iraqis would be killing - 330 to 1320 Usians - quite regularly lately at least!

This is pretty scary to me! We talk of the 3000 (now) + dead USian soldiers.

Pretty scary (and unnecessary) !!!


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