Sunday, February 11, 2007

Candidate Predicting for 2008

My perspective is hardly insightful or unique!

The Democratic Party seems more predictable than the Republicans.

I'd be very surprised if the Democratic Party contenders don't narrow down to:

Hillary Clinton
Barack Obama and
John Edwards

very quickly. None of the other Democratic candidates seem likely to be able to raise enough money and have visibility to compete.

The main questions about Clinton seem to be:

1.) Is she electable? - Does she have too many people opposed to her to win a general election?

2.) Her position(s) on Iraq also may come into question particularly if Democrats push towards the more - "pull out now" direction which much of the electorate seems to favor.

The questions about Obama seem to be:

1.) Is the country really ready for a Black President?

2.) Where does he really stand on most issues?

3.) Is he too inexperienced as a politician?

The questions about Edwards seem to be:

1.) Will his strategy of being "the liberal candidate" (or most liberal) work?

2.) Can he move up from the #3 position and be in the limelight?

It seems hard to predict what may happen!

The Republicans may have more potential major candidates if Bush's position on the War remains unpopular towards the end of 2007. If Bush looks "good" on the War (doubtful) John McCain may pull into the lead well ahead of other candidates.

If McCain's stance in support of Bush now - doesn't prove popular, I'd guess that:

Chuck Nagel - would be the "middle of the road favorite" and perhaps

Sam Brownback would be the "traditional Conservative" choice and

maybe Mitt Romney will become a major Conservative candidate.

We'll see what happens! A lot can change in 2007 and in early 2008.

Perhaps - the voting public will have a little input ???


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