Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Killing - Respect

It's very sad to hear the story of the shooting of five Duquesne University basketball players! As the news is to date at a University sponsored dance, some of the basketball players talked and "flirted" with one or more young women. Several young men who weren't students evidently found out that there was no search for weapons at the dance (and a sponsorer/organizer evidently knew that they were bringing guns into the dance). They went in and took offense at the "flirting" with one or more of "their" girlfriends and shot the five basketball players.

I would like to hope that the young women in question could choose to talk or not talk with the basketball players. IF they did want to talk, that should have been okay. IF they did not want to talk, there should have been a non-violent mode of resolving such an issue.

"Possessing women" shouldn't be an issue. Talking through things peacefully should be possible.

"Respect" is about living peacefully with others - listening and acting responsibly.

It's very sad that killing and seriously injuring others with handguns in particular is so easy, common and "normal" in the sense of being normative among so many people.


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