Saturday, September 09, 2006

The Divide - Feeling a Little Weird

I read of the continuing efforts of the Bush Administration to push any faintly, faintly reasonable limits towards autocratic power free from Congressional and Supreme Court intervention. I think of how crazy and bizarre it is when purported terrorists potentially could be put to death with secret testimony and no right to confront their accusers directly.

I think also of how splintered U.S. life is between people who seem worried about a "breakdown in values" where Gays and Lesbians can somehow threaten their Christian lives by simply existing and trying to be "normal" and others whose views may have more similarities with my values. I think of how I could possibly believe in the dangers of "liberalism" and feel that other people were beneath me and needing to lift themselves up by the bootstraps absent decent healthcare, education and peace in the streets near where they live.

I really hope that more people will see the cronyism, deceit and gross inefficiency and lies of the past years when voting this fall and two years from now.

I wish I could simply believe that things like Al Queda were "the problem". I see instead a world where we create more and more terrorists with our disasterous foreign policy. Hatred and fear do not give us peace of mind and peace.

It simply isn't that complicated for me to see so many things. Others may get confused with all the lies and misinformation out there.

I'm cautiously optimistic that things will get better! I hope also that the "left" and liberals will gain and use power wisely. That seems unlikely absent electoral funding reform and other necessary changes.


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