Friday, September 15, 2006

Hypocrisies - Galore

Yesterday listening on National Public Radio I heard the author of a book talking about Karl Rove, the political guru for George W Bush and the Republican Party in general. Apparently his father came out as Gay - when his son was 19 and they had a good relationship until the father's death in 2004.

It seems rather hypocritical that Rove could strategize the demonizing of Gays - Gay Marriage etc. - to win Ohio in particular and the election in 2004 and other similar battles while being obviously aware of what being Gay is really about.

Now Torture Galore - but doublespeak about it - hits the Senate in the U.S. - courtesy of Mr. Bush - who doesn't seem to understand the need to live by the rules he wants others in the world to live by.



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