Monday, August 07, 2006

Using Force - or "My ___'s Bigger than Yours"

As the Israeli military forces pound Lebanon causing incredible destruction and the Hezbollah rockets cause significant, though lesser damage in Israel I am reminded of the U.S. Government in Iraq - as our government fails repeatedly to "win" what increasingly appears to be an "unwinnable war".

In both cases there is a combination of a:

1.) We're right - "God is on our Side as well as the power of our Military" and

2.) IF we just show our military strength enough we will show "the enemy" and teach them not to defy our "superior" country they will give in and let us live in peace.

Lebanon's population is roughly 3.8 million. Israel's population is about 6.2 million of which roughly 4.6 million are Jews.

There are problems with this "macho logic". People who feel cornered and oppressed fight back and act "irrational" as has happened with suicide bombings in both Israel and Iraq. As the U.S. and Israel push their causes increasing numbers of Muslims are radicalized and start working against Israel and the United States.

As men - we can bully women and children and other men. Sometimes they will "fight back" killing us or simply pushing us outside of their lives. We lose the Whole!

Hopefully someday Israel and the U.S. will both learn that though making peace is difficult and dangerous, fighting wars and continuing to act in ways that in part are oppressive to others hurts all of us far more than it can possibly help.


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