Monday, August 21, 2006

Honesty and Integrity

Several days ago I listened to a talk show on National Public Radio which talked about cheating in school. The "expert" stated that where students cheat including selectively where they deem it "necessary" or "ok" it leads them in later life to be more prone to cheat. He talked of integrity, honesty and how things are in schools, work environments and elsewhere.

It was sad to hear one caller talk of how in his wealthy high school environment things were "bad" for the students and most cheated. They then got into "excellent" colleges and didn't continue their cheating. Does the end justify the means? Doesn't it seem unfair that poorer kids obviously might have been subject to much harsher penalties if caught cheating than these poor little rich kids.

Another caller talked of how she cheated in high school, but now in college didn't cheat because IF she was caught, the penalty would be too great.

I'm happy to be a little less driven or whatever it is as well as simply wanting to live comfortably within myself in a world where I strive to be "Very Honest" and to avoid being where I might judge myself as having been "bad" in any such way. It doesn't feel like a "guilt" thing, but rather a source of pride that I earn what I get and take my lumps if I'm not prepared or in the right situation.

As I get older I try to be generous to others, letting drivers get in front of me, not being so rushed and seeing more of how I can be supportive of others. I wouldn't want it any other way!



jeff said...

Less driven = more room for honesty?

Having taught college briefly, and knowing some people who teach, I don't buy the cheated-in-high-school-but-not-in-college thing, either, really.

geo said...

Jeff - I'm not clear - when I mentioned "less driven" in my original post. I sense that for some people some of their drive in life is a sort of run through things where they don't think seriously about much of what they do. It's unclear to me? IF you or others have any ideas, I'd love to hear them!

I buy that some people will choose when they cheat and when they don't. My sense is that absent learning a whole set of new values, they'll return to cheating when it seems expedient or "necessary" for themselves.

For others they will "fail" in the system seemingly in parts of their lives because they won't play the games that require unethical or borderline unethical behavior.

I wonder how much being driven and towards "alpha maledom" might correlate with cheating? Or will the beta male and female - simply be "crafty" cheating also?