Wednesday, August 23, 2006

US Politics and Change ?

I am not alone in welcoming the first bit of optimism in years with the November, 2006 elections coming up. It appears that finally the domination of the Republican Party may be over.

At the same time it seems that the Democrats don't seem to "get it" that staying in power will require them to convince many voters that they can bring real change to the U.S. Obviously election reform so that congresspeople can avoid the need to constantly raise huge sums of money might be a logical first step. Absent real reform, it will be very hard to bring about substantive change.

Democrats will also need to face serious issues such as:

1.) Tax reform
2.) Deficit reduction
3.) Iraq
4.) Minimum Wage legislation

as well as helping create an environment of cooperation and consensus building.

I hope that Democrats will defy their past and really be successful. I'm not optimistic though!


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