Monday, October 16, 2006


L-Wood is our new Labradoodle (Dog). Saturday we chose him among a number of Labradoodles - very scared at first - but sociable with the other dogs. Yesterday, somewhat sedated, we drove him 5 hours home. He is the most timid dog I've ever been around, though that will change. His sensitivity is obvious.

He's growled twice, but not barked at all. This morning he didn't want to leave his cage as I took him out and it took over five minutes to get him out of his cage. L-Wood met his first dog here and was very happy to do so. He likes other dogs, though seemed scared yesterday of a dog in its own yard.

Hopefully he'll adjust well in the coming days and weeks so we can enjoy our time together very much. Our younger son in particular loves animals and wants close ties with him.

We've already had a lot of walks together and now that he's eaten and drunk water I'll take him out again. We want him to be housebroken as soon as possible!

A new part of our lives!


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