Monday, October 02, 2006

A Few Minutes of Total Peace - Yom Kippur

This afternoon I took almost a half hour to sit along the creek in back of our house. It was a mid-60's fall afternoon with filtered sunlight. It was so peaceful to watch and hear the flowing water in the creek.

Then I saw a single, male duck walking upstream towards me. He flew in the air into our back yard briefly and then jumped back down into the water. I thought at first that my presence was bothering him and keeping him from walking past where I was sitting on the shore.

He moved slowly along the far edge of the creek and went past me upstream after a few minutes and disappeared from my view.

The waters were beautiful and soothing. My spirit was a little troubled, but soothed by the beauty I felt - something so simple, but so important to my heart and soul.

Thanks you!

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daniela said...

Hello Geo,
I read through this entry without speed, meaning that it was easy to understand, interesting enough to continue and compelling enough to await its closure with calm.

Nice one.

PS. today I resided in The world of Plenty, even though Deficit Living knocked on the door all day long. I'm tired for it, so tonight I'll rest so that tomorrow I can up chance's swing to sway right for my family and I.