Thursday, January 19, 2012

Post-Feminism ???

"Feminism doesn’t have many moves left on the board. Having achieved gender equity long ago, the ultimate goal is the full realization of female supremacy in society. The strategy has not been wholly ineffective. Half our population is now tainted with the original sin of maleness. Men are presumed guilty of inappropriate aggression and nefarious motives in all corners of society, including education, professional life, social interactions with women, and popular culture. We judge healthy male instincts such as competition and desire as moral failings." - January 17, 2012

Gender equity was achieved long ago? In a world where little boys are still scared of and totally looking down upon the concept of being a girl we have gender equity? In a world where far too many young women will try to starve themselves and spend much time trying to look "beautiful" (or more likely "not so bad") hoping to get male attention we have gender equity? In a world where many thoughtful men will do a lot in various situations to try to convince women around them that they will not assault or harass them we have gender equity?

I understand that increasingly there is a dichotomy between college educated young men and women where oft times the women are "driven" and "successful" and the men are more "party driven" and stuck in dealing with the realities that they are Not either "the alpha male" or "the successful alpha male".

I do see a need for us to change what I see as the "original sin of maleness". Life in the United States and elsewhere has changed dramatically at least since the 1960's and we men have oft times been left behind.

We haven't been left behind because of women "doing us wrong" or similar. We have been left behind because we have Not done the difficult work of struggling with each other in significant ways to build a new masculinity which will allow us to be equal partners with women.

Being glued to sports radio and tv and debating sports issues won't help us grow. Exploring how sports can be positive parts of our life may help us grow. Complaining endlessly about women and being focused upon their body parts and similar won't help us grow. Talking with other men about our lives and how we can better relate to women will help us.

Susan Walsh in her blog may be most sincere in wanting to help young women find happy, lasting primary relationships with young men. I fear, though, that her solutions for these women ignore the real problems and in the end blame women for our failures as men.

It isn't easy to move against our socialization and to learn to be whole people, but it is important! Thanks!

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