Saturday, January 28, 2012

I'm scared - Violence - Not Against Myself - My Family, etc.

I'm watching the movie "Enough" starring Jennifer Lopez. In the movie she is an abused wife - who fights back (in the end).

This movie brings up a lot of feelings within me! I'm not scared of being assaulted. I'm not scared of anyone close to me being beaten.

It is extremely scary to me - to feel within myself a little of the fear that must go through others - who are terrorized by another, usually a former or current partner or other close relative - however it may be for them whether they are or were a boy abused by a parent, an adult woman or man - living in fear of a (former-)partner, they so desperately want to be free of or .....

It is equally scary to recognize that this violence (rape, domestic abuse, stalking, childhood sexual and physical abuse, psychological torture, etc.) is as common as it is and that while there have been decades of efforts to end these types of abuse, they remain fully "accepted" and "acceptable" in today's worlds in so many ways.

When such abuse is rare, then perhaps......

It is scary......

I'd like to really believe that in the not that distant future such violence might be rare like diseases that there are only a few new victims suffering each year, where such violence might be as unacceptable as assassinations of our leaders or most famous citizens are/would be.

I am scared for the world(s) that we live in - where so many things that seem trivial to me are seemingly so much more important based upon the time and energy that is focused upon them - than this terror is.

We can change things for the better! We can do what oft times seems impossible!

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