Saturday, May 01, 2010 - Episode 60 - of: "Sleepless in Gaza and Jerusalem" - The You Tube Video - Episode 61 is the latest of 90 daily videos as I write now.

In the first half of this episode a Palestinian man was interviewed at his house. The house has apparently been owned by his family since prior to his birth. The front porch and only entrance to the house is in Jerusalem. The inside of the house is in The West Bank.

This man and his family have been assigned "West Bank" identity cards. It is illegal for them to be in Jerusalem. At one point several busloads of people in their area were arrested and held for a good part of a day because it was alleged that they had to have violated the law in entering their houses (from Jerusalem).

The man's grown child has a Jerusalem identity card. Their spouse has a West Bank identity card. If the Jerusalem identified adult moves with their spouse to the West Bank they will lose their Jerusalem identity card and any rights to be in Jerusalem. Their young child has not been assigned an identity card at all.

This really makes a lot of sense! Thanks!

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