Friday, July 25, 2008

"Memorable" Moments of our Recent Trip

Recently we were in Chicago for five nights.

Our cabdriver clearly was in the wrong lane for getting on the Freeway to the Airport. He did what he then "had to do" and got on the Freeway heading the opposite direction from the Airport. I told him that he was heading the wrong direction which initially he didn't seem to realize. He then stopped at the end of the entrance ramp (left side of road) and clearly was intending to try to cross 4 lanes of traffic to exit about 20-30 yards down the road. It was 4:45 p.m. - rush hour and traffic was whizzing by at 50+ mph.

After several blaring horns and my pleading, he went straight ahead and didn't get us all seriously injured and his cab destroyed.

In Chicago I got a telephone call first from the mortgage lending company (Atlanta) asking me if I'd mailed the certified check to them for our refinancing. I told "I" - that I'd given the check to the traveling notary when we signed the papers. Then I was called by the Title Company (Dallas) and told that they'd lost the check. Then I was called by our bank in the northwest. After Many apologies - and Great Assistance from the bank branch manager - I got paperwork faxed to me at a Chicago Fed-Ex - and Fed-Ex'd it back to the bank so they could re-issue the check to the Title Company and expedite it to them. Mission accomplished - with apology gifts to us from the mortgage lender and the title company.

Chicago was muggy -but I enjoyed the trip - seeing a relative and some old friends. I made it once to Mario's Italian Lemonade Stand (Taylor Street) and Manny's Cafeteria/Deli - (Jefferson Street by Roosevelt Road) and we had a nice evening hearing Billy Branch play some wonderful blues music.


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