Friday, July 06, 2007

Kayaking on the Lake

Recently I bought an 11.5 foot long kayak. Finally on Tuesday I made it out on the lake nearest to our house on a fairly hot morning. Having never been in a kayak before I was initially tentative, not wanting to flip it over. I quickly saw that I should have brought a hat and gloves for my hands, but otherwise I was fine.

The kayak skimmed along and was easy to control. I try to be careful with the wakes of motor boats and similar, though as I get more comfortable and used to the water, the easier it gets.

It is relaxing and beautiful to move along the shore in my new boat. My arms and shoulders tire, but I can rest as I wish and move in my new world. In the boat I see a whole new view of land and water. Hopefully next week I'll get out for at least 4-5 hours and have more time to explore.



jeff said...

yay on the kayak. I have fond memories of canoing with my uncle, and I see people kayaking everyday when I take my lunch by the water, and they look like some pretty contented people!

d said...