Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Two Palestinian States ?

I find the actions of Israel and more importantly perhaps the U.S. related to the split between Fatah/Hamas and West Bank/Gaza difficult to accept and fully understand. I can understand how the U.S. and Israel desparately want a "moderate" force - e.g. Fatah to support. It is perplexing though to think that Gaza can be essentially ignored and put on the back burner along with Hamas.

Listening to NPR I heard several Middle Eastern (e.g. "Arab") speakers both speak of the need of supporting the (former) Unity Government and dealing (talking) with Hamas.

Talking with Hamas is important. Talking does not mean supporting.

IF Israel and the U.S. were willing to begin a pullout of Israelis from All the West Bank Settlements and in that way to push aggressively with their own population to seek a lasting peace perhaps I could understand things.

As it is Fatah lacks the legitimacy it needs because it isn't the elected government. Neither the U.S. nor Israel has significant standing with any other forces in the Middle East. It is difficult to understand how the plight of the Palestinians in Gaza - which is desparate - will be dealt with successfully. Equally importantly it is hard to understand how releasing monies that should never have been held back will somehow magically resolve things. I don't see how things now can evolve in more than a repeated "patching" of little things, while ignoring the much larger issues.

I hope for the best! I fear that things will get a lot worse!


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