Monday, June 11, 2007

40th Anniverary- The Occupation - Some Thoughts

The 40th Anniversary of Israel's occupation of the West Bank and Gaza is passing now - and with it thoughts and feelings come into and out of me - as an American Jew.

It was sickening and frightening to hear a women talk of having been in Hebron recently and heard Settlers (Jews living in a Settlement within Hebron - an otherwise Palestinian city) - who were mostly American immigrants - talking openly of Palestinians - referring to them with the "N" word. The blatant racism is scary to me.

Certainly Israelis are killed and hurt and scared of both within Israel because of Palestinian suicide bombing, missiles from outside of Israel, etc. At the same time we - the others in the U.S. and within Israel - can not possibly understand the depths of fear and loathing that Palestinians face every day within The West Bank and Gaza.

Israel - has the power. The U.S. is tilting the power more strongly towards Israel.

Palestinian radicalism and violence - is a natural response to 40 years of occupation and the failure to end the occupation in peaceful ways. Most Palestinians are peace loving and not violent.

Peace will be hard to achieve - but it is most necessary and important now!


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