Wednesday, May 16, 2007

When We Hurt

Today is my 56th Birthday.
The weather has changed from yesterday's warmth and sunshine to today's coolness and clouds.
Our house has some type of sewer related problem which will hopefully be fixed within the next few hours.
I'm behind on sleep and feeling very tired.
I'm also sad.

When I am hurting
It may be
because of something unexpected like
a friend who has been hit by a car
or something expected like
the recent death of my aunt - cancer related
It may be because of something or somethings
which others have done to me

When I am hurting
I have hurt
the one I love
I have failed
I have made
major mistakes
the one I love
I am sad.

I reflect
and hope
I will do better
moving ahead
at age 56,

Using perceived hurts
or Other Pain
to Falsely Justify
Hurting Others

I'm glad
to have the chance
to Do Better

May my 56th Birthday
A Day of Growth
A Day of Hope
A Day to Reflect
and perhaps to be Sad

1 comment:

jeff said...

Happy Birthday (belatedly) Geo!

Sorry I was so busy on The Day that I didn't get to do blog stuff.