Friday, May 18, 2007

I Must be Confused - RE: Israel, Fatah, Hamas etc.

Per Scott Wilson of the Washington Post proximate to May 18, 2007:

"Israel this week allowed the Palestinian Fatah faction to bring into the Gaza Strip as many as 500 of its troops trained under a U.S.-coordinated program, to counter Hamas, the Islamic movment that won Palestinian parliamentary elections last year."

"The troops deployment illustrates the increasingly partisan role that Israel and the Bush administation are taking in the volatile Palestinian political situation."

"But both Israel and the United States, each deeply unpopular among Arabs in the region, have been trying to avoid the perception of taking sides in a conflict that this week in Gaza has resembled a nascent civil war."

Hmmmmmm - Let's assume that several of the major leaders of countries in Europe were to decide that they should fund one of the major Democratic Party candidates (indirectly of course - in "legal ways") and provide a clear platform allowing she or he to get a lot more positive publicity. They would be presuming that it would be in their best interests (and the rest of the world's of course!), if a Democrat, and this particular one, were to be elected.

I presume that our current administration would admire their pluck and sadly say: "We tried to get their support for a Republican, but unfortunately they wouldn't support Him."

Now let's, see: Arafat was a corrupt dictator and not one to be trusted. His successor wasn't seemingly corrupt, but he couldn't bring things together before the elections and bring about any kind of "successes" with Israeli and USian authorities.

Democracy is the Answer in the Middle East. Oh, my gosh, why did those crazy Arabs elect Hamas? Couldn't they see how WE in the U.S. were doing everything in our power to create a viable Palestinian State under Abbas, the Fatah candidate.

Oh, he lost political power with the election results, yet we still: "Israel this week allowed...."

Now of course Israel might possibly have had the support of the U.S. Government in this, don't you think!?


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