Saturday, March 24, 2007

Resignations - Corruption in the Bush Administration

--- "I can not tell a lie. I have never lied." ---

Such a statement reflects my perspective on the basic tenets of the Bush adminstration.

Mr. Bush and his advisors seem to believe that they know what is best for all of us at least nearly all the time. Where we agree with them - great, where we disagree with them - we are simply WRONG - and they will do things the RIGHT way.

The pressures on Bush to force his Attorney General to resign are another example of someone being caught doing wrong and when the political pressures are too great, he'll be gone (assuming this happens which seems likely now).

When someone such as Colin Powell (it seems like an eternity ago) stands up for himself or wants to, s/he must decide whether to leave or to keep their mouth shut.

Fortunately - reality - The War in Iraq, the draconian changes in laws such as in the Patriot Act and many other things show clearly a few people who have created far, far more terrorists than they've weeded out and whose vision of the world leaves out many of us.

Most of us face a world where tax cuts for the wealthy primarily are not our highest priority. Most of us face a world where health care needs are not simply tax credits which do not take care of the needs of the poor and often are not helpful or unnecessary for the well off.
Most of us face a world where we increasingly see how veterans' care neglect is the norm, not an exception as "little people" don't matter and people with wealth already have the ins to get what they want.
Most of us see advisors like Karl Rove and Dick Cheney seeking a world where we are not important.

Sound bites and lies can delay the truth being told, but the truth will start coming out eventually. One can only hope that more Democratic politicians will start to develop a backbone (and some depth to their thinking) and some Republican politicians will see it in their own self-interest to begin to change.

The politics of deception are the norm today. Mr. Bush's "compassionate conservatism" and "faith" have been shown for what they are.

Hopefully more of us will do more to bring about substantive change!


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poodledoc said...

They lie and lie and lie. Or the "can't recall" as Alberto Gonzales repeated 71 times in his recent hearing in front of Congress. Then Condi plans to "ignore" a Congressional subpoena? But what are the Dems doing? Nothing. These crooks should be impeached for their crimes. Here's the Democratic plan for impeachment: wait for 1-20-09. Be quiet. "Support the Troops".