Sunday, December 10, 2006

Separate Paths: People, Dogs & Cats

I walk our puppy Rojo several times each day and enjoy our time together very much!

In my "human" world I'm choosing where we walk, cleaning up the "messes" he makes, untangling his leash and in general trying to "run the show". My "human" world involves thinking, planning, leading and following other humans, feeling for others, feeling my own feelings and various other things.

Rojo seemingly has a simpler path! His tail wags incessantly as he move optimistically ahead. When he sees people or other animals he tugs on his leash to try to play with them. When he finds interesting smells, he pulls to a stop and sometimes tugs backwards to get at what he wants to sniff at.

Rojo is very dependent upon attention from others much of the time. At other times he's resting or sleeping or sometimes playing with his toys or whatever he can get his mouth or paws into.

Rojo's feelings are focused upon the moment - simple, but certainly there - picking up on our reactions to him.

Cats - certainly are more independent than dogs and less dependent upon others in general. Not having a cat now, I'm less in touch with them

Rojo - helps teach me to "be in the moment" and helps me be calm and just being "there". I enjoy listening to him and gaining from him what he shares with me.

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