Wednesday, December 27, 2006

A Puppy's World

Rojo, our Labradoodle Puppy, must weigh close to 25 pounds now (at four months), up from 9.5 pounds when we got him (when he was 7-8 weeks old). We've grown very attached to him! He's mostly mellow. With his teething underwear, socks, pieces of paper etc. - are all "chewing toys".

In our bedroom he gets very anxious barking when he sees himself in the mirror behind the door, seeing the "other dog" there. Chewing on various of his toys, his moanish sounds are very amusing. On walks he always wants to tug and pull us to any person within sight, as well as fellow dogs (of course!). It is presumed that others want to pet and play with him.

He was filthy when he came back from the kennel yesterday. In the laundry tub when lathered up, he looked like a skinny funny looking dog, not the fluffy beautiful roundish looking pup that he looks like normally.

When I picked him up at the kennel, he seemed to barely recognize me - living in the world of play with at least 20-30 other large dogs he had been with 12+ hours each day. Now he's moving back to "normal", though he is a "little older" after being away for 6 days.

He looks funny sitting in my lap now, as his body is a little big for that.

Thankfully, now he can sleep through the night, so I don't have to get up every 2-4 hours to let him out!

It will be fun and funny to look back on his pup days far too soon when he's fully grown!

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