Tuesday, November 07, 2006

To Be in Pain

To be in pain, hurting


Losing choices inside

as you had always been

Free still as

your Heart and Soul


to hold on

to your essence


the Pain

Reminding You

of your transparency

Pushing and pulling

at your Mind

Taking You

Gradually – Away

Losing a part

of your Loved Ones

Who can only be with you

to the edge

You face – with your Beloved

Keeping your Life

as normal as possible

as days grow shorter

weakening breath

Keeping your Spirit Alive

with Dignity

with Grace

Being the Wonderful Person

You’ve been

Caring for Others

Your children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren even

Neighbors, Students, Friends

Now – at Long Last


to take – a little more – offered

from those You’ve Touched

Tis Sad, but necessary

Moving on

Letting Go – slowly

A Life – Well Lived

Tears – from one whose

known you for many years

Never – really fully appreciating you

Til – hearing Your Honesty

in a moment’s breath

I’m sad – and stunned

Happy – that you shared

the Truth with me

Hoping to have another

Brief Moment

With You

Knowing and Not Knowing

Sensing – Feeling Sad

Gaining – a gift of life

To be in pain, hurting ….

- - 11/7/2006 --

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