Wednesday, November 08, 2006


I'm very happy with the election results yesterday!

It will be a challenge for the Democrats to really produce and build towards the future.

My partner feels to the contrary. She believes that Until things get so bad that people are in the streets protesting and putting their lives on the line things won't change for the better substantively. I'm not optimistic that things will be much better now. I am clear that perhaps they won't get much worse as they were doing in recent years as a result of Bush and his cohorts.

I also don't like the "doom" approach at all. I think that a right-wing dictatorship is much more likely than a populist change for the better. IF her scenario were accurate I think there would be a minimum of 10-20 years of chaos and conflict before things were to improve significantly. In the meantime death and destruction would make things a lot worse in my estimation.

I hope - I don't expect. I try and hope that others try.

It feels good today to me!


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