Sunday, July 09, 2006

Start the Revolution - Also Have Some Fun & Relaxation

Reading a local weekly's description of a political commune in our community left me a little sad. While the ideals of the group seem on the whole excellent, there seemed to be something really missing in their life together.

It is important that when we work for societal change that we really try our best to change our world into a better place. Obviously if we spend our time taking it easy most of the time, we may not do a whole lot for whatever causes we care about.

It also is very important that we try to look at the bigger picture, rather than getting caught up in the details of our cause(s). When we burn out "saving the world", we don't help our cause(s) much as well as making ourselves less likely to succeed in both the short and long runs.

How we take care of ourselves is very important! Viewing life and our world around us in some spiritual way often may help us. Whether this is through a religion or some other path, seeing and feeling the miracles of life however it may be is helpful. For my partner and me water has a great significance. We are fortunate now to live along a creek - which is a huge help to our morale. Seeing the large bodies of water near us as well as in other areas often helps us lift our spirits.

Relaxing enjoying music, theater, dance, sunsets and sunrises and many other things can rejuvenate us a lot. Play also is important! Children often can teach us much about play. We can also explore various areas of silliness and simply having fun.

There is much more no doubt that I'm missing here! Thanks!

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