Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Lebanon/Israel - The Current War - Feelings

I'm saddened, hurt, angry and much more thinking about what is transpiring in Lebanon and Israel currently! For the first time an "Arab" ("Muslim") force, the Hezbalah has taken an action and been widely criticized by some of the conservative Arab World - including notably the Saudi Arabian Government.

Reading of as many as 500,000 people being displaced and increasing numbers of mostly civilians killed, it feels like the United States and our Government are remarkably calm. In too many ways we seem disconnected from what will, for example, make Hurricane Katrina seem like a relatively minor event in comparison most likely unless things end very, very soon and things aren't as bad as they appear now to be. The lives of Lebanese people should be seen as just as important as our lives!

This would be a perfect time for President Bush to exercise some leadership and bring about a temporary ceasefire where the bombings and rocket attacks would cease and a real attempt might be made to get the captured Israeli soldiers back in Israel - alive.

Unfortunately Bush again supports the Israeli Government and whatever they do, giving more opportunities for more "terrorists" to be born out of anger, disallusionment and more towards the United States. Killing for peace - won't work here!

Responsible Jewish leaders such as are in - A Jewish Voice for Peace -(they have an excellent website - criticize Israeli military/government actions without in any way supporting or being neutral about what Hezbelah has done and is trying to do.

I understand that Iran and perhaps to a lesser degree Syria may be involved in what is going on and that there are dangers related to this. It is also clear to me that a weak Lebanese Government is now virtually powerless and will have even less chances to internally control future actions of Hezbalah or others in the future who may try to attack Israel.

I believe that the U.S. Government and people have a responsibility to help make peace in Lebanon and with the Palestinians. This will never happen until we really mediate and are not simply allied with Israel. Being Non-Aligned need not condone the actions of others any more than we are now guilty of supporting the needless killing of many people as well as badly hurting many people who are in danger of losing their lives solely because of where they live.

It is unfortunate that the Bush Administration's actions and inactions will continue to feed Radical Islam and make future terrorism more likely!


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