Tuesday, June 06, 2006

US - We're Not "Better" !

I am sad and angry that the Defense Department wishes to change military regulations so that more violations of international law would seemingly not apply to US military personnel in their treatment of prisoners under their control.

The lawlessness and "we know best" mindset shown so much today is scary and simply Wrong!

Our arrogance alienates many in the world and feeds the paranoia that keeps "The War on Terror" alive and booming.

We should be learning to live with and support others throughout the world. Trying to change foreign governments and tell others in Canada, Mexico, Europe, Africa, Asia, Central and South America etc. - how they should do things in so many areas is disrespectful and disgusting.

It would be nice if we could look at other countries as people who have good and bad sides as we do as well as sources of inspiration and ideas for how we can make our own country a better place to live in.

Though we do much good here, we have a long way to go ending homelessness, domestic violence, violence among many of our younger generation, and many many other problems.



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thinking girl said...

Hi Geo,

I've been reading much about the UN for a course I"m taking, and am stunned by the level of unilateralism alive in the US government, particularly under this administration. I found out that Bush refused to participate in the International Criminal Court - and to ratify several key human rights conventions - largely to protect military personnel from being charged with crimes against humanity by other governments and individuals of other nationalities. My thought: train your soldiers not to be such gross violators of human rights if you're scared they are going to be charged! Look at Guantanamo Bay! The go it alone mentality is sickening for sure.