Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Retirement - Relief and Some Sadness

Friday, June 16th will be my last work day before I retire. I am very, very happy to have the opportunity to move forward and do much more of what I want to in my life. 31 years as a Federal employee is more than enough! My work has had interesting parts, but on the whole it's not the most fascinating thing to do with my time.

It will be sad to leave my co-workers. It's a little scary to feel like there is "no going back". I'm sure that this is the right decision for me and for my family. It is satisfying to move on in my life to new challenges as a househusband, volunteer and general explorer of life.



The Jon Cohen Project for Justice and Peace said...

hello geo...thank you so much for your comments about Jon (which you posted on apassionforchange.blogspot.com )it was lovely to see a message, and i hope to remain it touch. please email me with your contact info, if you like. and i look forward to keeping you updated on the film project. warm regards,
liz roberts

The Conflicted Redhead said...

Hi Geo,

Thank you for reading my blog. I know we are complete strangers, but I could hear your voice as I read your comment. You sound like all the truly great men I know who think like you. These men are caring, honest and genuine. Unlike you, they are hesitant to speak out. Thank you for speaking for them.

And thank you for speaking to me. We all need to act and speak out against this epidemic of sexual assault.It can happen to anybody!

thinking girl said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! May your retirement be enjoyable, interesting, and vital!