Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Pete Seeger

Pete Seeger was a wonderful amazing man.   He lovingly influenced many of us in various ways, remaining humble and connected.    While being sad at is death last night is understandable, we should also recognize that he lived a full, eventful life which we can celebrate in various ways.

He wrote and performed a lot of wonderful music with the Weavers into the early 1950’s.   “Good Night Irene”,  “If I Had a Hammer”, “Wimoweh”,  “Where Have All the Flowers Gone?”,  and “Turn, Turn, Turn”  were some of his best known songs  His work on “We Shall Overcome” was significant in modernizing it from an old gospel song.

Pete Seeger was much more than a musician.  He confronted McCarthyism at its worst and was blacklisted while facing significant other persecution standing up for his beliefs.

Seeger clearly saw the interconnectedness of many issues through his life work.  He was a peace activist, a Civil Rights activist, an environmental activist, as well as a strong supporter of labor and many others.   

When he made money, he used it to support “the people” through many causes.   He inspired many musicians, activists and “normal people” in various ways.
Most significantly – he was a warm, loving, caring man who lived his beliefs in his life.   

I am sad at the death of Pete Seeger!   I’m happy that I’ve been exposed to a little of this incredible man who meant a lot to me over the past 40+ years!

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