Monday, July 15, 2013

The Murder of Trayvon Martin

Having had several days to read, listen and reflect, I’m feeling various sad and angry emotions regarding George Zimmerman’s acquittal from charges concerning what I would clearly call: “The Murder of Trayvon Martin”.   It is painful to realize that under particular circumstances, all of my immediate family could still today be targeted and even killed because they are African-American.   It feels horrible to realize that people who otherwise might be decent people either make the (tragic) victim into a villain or are barely, if at all, affected by the injustice that has occurred.

When we don’t deal with issues like racism in deeply significant, painful ways amongst ourselves, particularly when we are White Americans, we help continue the festering wounds of racism.   We should not be surprised, though we should be shocked, at what has happened.

I, naively hope that this incident will, in the end, help bring about some important positive change.   My cynicism returns however telling me that we said the same thing about handguns after the Sandy Hook Elementary School killings not that long ago.   

I hope, against hope that things will get better!   I appreciate and greatly respect the many wonderful people who are speaking out positively and in loving ways, as well as speaking of their anger, frustration and pain at this injustice.

Thank You!

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