Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Difference Between Motivation and Volition

From: "How Children Succeed" - by Paul Tough - an Incredible Book!

(reference is to a chess player seeking to improve his chess ranking)  p.130 - "Rowson's comments seemed to speak to Prilleltensky's plight - and they also echoed Angela Duckworth's' theory on the crucial difference between motivation and volition.  'When it comes to ambition,' Rowson wrote, 'it is crucial to distinguish between '''wanting''' something and '''choosing''' it.'  Decide that you want to become world champion, (p.131) Rowson explained, and you will inevitably fail to put in the necessary hard work.   You will not only not become world champion but also have the unpleasant experience of falling short of a desired goal, with all the attendant disappointment and regret.  If, however, you choose to become world champion (as Kasparov did at a young age), then you will 'reveal your choice through your behavior and your determination.  Every action says, '''this is who I am. ''' "

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