Sunday, June 17, 2012

Obama - Romney - Some Thoughts

As someone who strongly supported the election of Barack Obama in 2008 and who still hopes that he will be elected in 2012 I find the upcoming election extremely problematic.

I know of relatively few people who strongly want Obama re-elected because they think he is an "excellent" president. Nearly everyone that I know who supports Obama supports him out of fear of what a Romney presidency will be.

My sense is that with most of the electorate the current election relates to:

1.) A strong distaste for one of the candidates which might push one to vote for the other because he is "not-Obama" or "not-Romney",

2.) Both an urgency related to 1.) above and a feeling that things are pretty bad - that often builds a resigned apathy - related to one of several issues - most commonly the economy as well as the general three part system of the presidency - related to Congress and the Supreme Court.

To some - the issues split - clearly, whether focusing upon "economic justice" and "class" issues or "moral" issues - such as relate to being "a good Christian" as it relates to Gays/Lesbians and similar.

I am saddened, though not totally surprised at how ineffective President Obama has been in some important areas. Democratic leadership lacks - the effective individuals such as Carl Rove, who one may despise, but who could effectively work against the Democratic opposition until the Bush policies themselves - the economic mess particularly may words ineffective.

It is sad that John Boehner - as much as I dislike him, is more effective than any Democratic Congressional leader oft times. It is sad that unity on key issues including healthcare and taxation policies doesn't happen and won't happen.

Unfortunately - these kinds of things aren't really new - they reflect the weaknesses of the Democratic Party going back at least 30-40 years.

I can only hope now, that the obvious weaknesses of Romney and the "Republican message" will lead Obama to victory in 2012. I don't think it will happen because of how good Obama is or how effective he will be in the coming months. If it happens, I think it will occur because of how horrible Romney and the Republican message is and because of divisiveness within the Republican coalition of supporters.


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