Saturday, July 02, 2011

Sad Metaphor - on Rape - and These Times

I have no idea of whether the former IMF Head is guilty or not - of the rape accusations of the immigrant housekeeper in the luxury hotel in which he was staying.

It is telling, however, that the inconsistencies of the purported victim are explored in great length, while (now) little or no attention in the media is paid to the patterns and inconsistencies of the alleged assailant.

1.) Why would she want to have "consensual sex" with him? Did he entice her with promises or was he somehow highly attractive to her?

2.) She was working on the job. Did she have time to "play around" and still get her work done?

3.) He has a history of sexual affairs (at best) with other women. Have their been similar episodes in his past? If so, were they similar "consensual" all the time?

4.) What is the "power imbalance" between a Wealthy White Man and a Poor Woman of Color?

5.) Is it somehow reasonable for this man to "seduce" or "be seduced" in such situations in non-coercive ways where he may be "the victim"?

6.) Is it reasonable to believe him and not her based upon their respective pasts?

I don't believe that we should believe the story of the alleged rape victim as the "absolute truth". I also believe that we should recognize the power imbalances here and try to give balanced coverage now on the issues recognizing the situation as it is.

It seems so relevant to the exploitations of poor and not wealthy people by powerful people in general in the US today seems to grow so expodentially!

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