Friday, March 18, 2011

Those Feisty Democrats (including President Obama)?

In reading about a variety of subjects in recent months, I become puzzled about the seeming ineptitude of the Democratic Party including President Obama. In small part I can have a little sympathy and perhaps even empathy for what they have faced in terms of:

1.) The economy - and what a mess was inherited beginning in 2009,
2.) How President Bush (Jr) - messed up foreign policy,
3.) The Power of "the wealthy" and how difficult it is facing things in terms of recent Supreme Court rulings and how elites control the media and similar.

At the same time, I'm left wondering Why President Obama and his fellow Democrats have seemingly been repeatedly Whacked by opposing forces and have been so ineffective at the battle for public opinion.

It should have been obvious to Obama and the Democrats that:

1.) The Republicans and their allies would use everything they could put together to resist Obama and the Democrats, and perhaps equally or even more importantly,

2.) Positive - clear results - And a selling of the results to the public was important by at the latest early 2010 leading towards the mid-term elections.

President Obama looking at him retrospectively seems similar to Jimmy Carter in that he is "intelligent" but Not At All "savvy" politically. He clearly has no support amongst strategists that he trusts and relies upon that help him read public opinion and speak to it in ways that Karl Rove helped George W - until the economy Whacked him and which President Reagan was clearly a master at.

It may or may not be too late for Obama. It seems to me that clearly Obama will at least have a moderate chance of getting re-elected if in early 2012:

1.) the economy is clearly moving towards a normalcy where people are optimistic economically), and/or
2.) the Republicans are viewed as "extremists" and "crazy", and perhaps most importantly, and/or
3.) Obama - appears as the "confident", "effective" leader "out front".

It seems unlikely to me that the first and third areas are likely to be the case which will make the second option his only hope.

It seems obvious to me that despite the Republican opposition, Obama needs to not cave in as he seems to have related to economice measures. IF the believes that cutting Federal and State budgets significantly is going to jump start the economy over the next year, he's not even intelligent. Trying to follow "consensus" - as seems his style just isn't going to cut it with the economy.

It's not clear to me how he can effectively bring unemployment down enough both in the statistics (which seemingly show "improvement") and in the realities of so many people in such bad shape- such as the housing and employment areas seem to show.

While it is possible that the Republicans will self-destruct - with Right-Wing craziness, so far it seems like Boehner is savvy and effective enough to both appease the Tea Partyites and serve as a seeming "middle ground" - which obstructs and seems - annoying but not crazy.

Obama has a tough road in selling himself as "the leader" also. In most recent foreign policy issues Hillary Clinton, Obama and the entire leadership seem clueless related to what has and is happening in virtually all areas of foreign policy. The failures here in my estimation include:
1.) Thinking that Libya was similar to Egypt where the "revolution" could succeed without outside leadership,
2.) Not seeing - what was happening in Egypt and now not seemingly help Egypt move forward,
3.) Facing a tough path in Iraq - and not seeming to recognize the continued possibilities for a Huge failure there,
4.) Continuing to support the War in Afghanistan - with little, if any chance of "success" over the next year particularly,
5.) Sticking their necks into making peace between Israel and the Palestinians - while having no plan as to how to actually do it- being very naive here.

Barring - some type of foreign policy - "War to bring us all together" - which seems unlikely or other opportunity to be "the hero" - which lasts more than a few days in the media,

Obama needs to drastically change his image - and be viewed as "The Leader" who is effective and "out front" in the eyes of the American People with a corresponding picture of the Republicans as being "out of touch" and not "for the people".

Republicans have given Obama and the Democrats options in the latter areas - related to Wisconsin - and the extreme realities of their proposals and ideology fueled by the Tea Party.

It remains to be seen if Obama will succeed in the latter areas. To date there seems to be a lot more of the "let the Republicans self-destruct" - which may not happen rather than a pro-active, effective push to be a "real leader" in the eyes of the public.

I'm not optimistic, though it could certainly happen. Thanks!

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