Thursday, February 17, 2011

We've Got Some Nerve!

We really have some nerve in telling the Egyptian people what they should do in trying to build a democratic state there.

A few of the reasons are:

1.) Our original "democratic state":
a. Allowed slavery
b. Only generally allowed land owning (e.g. wealthy) White Men to vote

2.) Our original "democratic state" took well over 100 years to grant women the right to vote,

but perhaps more importantly:

3.) Deems individual rights to be held by businesses - allowing them a "strange" equality as you or I somehow seem "out numbered" when we take on a large corporation or their owner in many ways,

4.) Has a long history of supporting despotic rulers such as: The Shah of Iran and the recently departed Hosni Mubarek - preferring "stability" and compliance with our supposed economic interests to what we label "democracy" yet alone what a true democracy might be.

We should support the efforts of many of the Egyptian people. We should also remember that many of those who brought down Mubarek were young women and others who might well Not wield "power" in the U.S. because of the failings of our supposed democracy.

Obviously Egypt is a long way from having a true democracy, however we might better choose to focus upon our own issues in the U.S. which continue to relate to Class (often ignored), Race, and Gender.


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