Monday, January 10, 2011

The Right to be Right or Wrong ?

I certainly am opinionated on many issues! While being a "leftist", I can criticize both Republicans and Democrats, as well as "leftists" and "right-wingers", and individuals from Barack Obama to Sarah Palin and beyond.

I do not claim to represent anyone besides myself. I do not claim that my beliefs are those of others. I would rarely claim to represent "popular" or "majority" opinion.

I never would call for violence to be taken against those individuals I disagree with including individuals who have killed and maimed others.

The recent shootings in Tucson are tragic, but unfortunately somewhat predictable.

There oft times seems to be "confusion" between means and ends as rhetoric reflects the desires of some to play on the emotions of many of us. "Cross hairs" may not be meant literally, however when six people were just killed, their use at best can be seen as irresponsible and just wrong.

"Now, Phelps & family have once again tried to grab the spotlight with their well-oiled hate machine. They announced they will picket the funeral of Christina Greene, age 9, who was gunned down in the shooting of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords in Tucson.

Fred Phelps Sr. in a YouTube announcement (below), tells us, "Thank god for the violent shooter, one of Your soldier heroes in Tucson. God appointed the Afghanistan veteran to avenge himself on this evil nation. However many are dead, Westboro will picket their funerals."

It should probably be noted that the accused gunman was rejected from the military according to all news reports. But to Phelps, the gunman was retribution for the veterans who have hounded his organization at funerals and at home. "

I would hope that the above quote is false, though it probably is not.

It remains to be seen if some of those who have called for the deaths and similar of those opposed to their beliefs will learn a lesson from what tragically has happened in Tucson. It seems more likely that they will make more excuses and seemingly separate themselves from the violence rhetorically for a moment (only).

I do admit that I am wrong when I discover errors I have made. I'm waiting to hear even a few admissions related to what has happened. I'll be surprised if I hear what I think I should hear. Thanks!


Clarissa said...

Nobody is going to admit they were wrong with their hate rhetoric. Yesterday, I heard this guy on CNN who was presenting a very convoluted argument saying that any criticism of the Republicans was the real hate speech and people had the right to respond violently to such criticism. The guy looked absolutely unhinged. Then, they showed a speech of Boehner the point of which was that "come what may, we will not change anything abut what we are doing". Boehner also looked unhinged. So I don't sea any "mea culpa" in the near future.

geo said...

Clarissa - your words are very true! Thanks! I agree.

For these people to admit what we might think they should admit would require them, if really taken in, to change their world view in what for them would be a "radical" change, which would negate their prime beliefs.

Others - who might in a sense be "more reasonable" can't "go there" because IF they did, they'd drive a wedge between the "crazies" and "the "moderates" " (pretty right wing themselves) - which would destroy the Republican coalition.