Friday, August 21, 2009

Either I'm Wrong or She's Right ?

I am (obviously) a man. My partner is (obviously) a woman.

Somewhat in jest - I say:

"Either I'm wrong or she's right" (- most, if not all the time.) What does this mean?

* Does this mean that I'm always wrong?

No - because She could be right and I could also be right. Perhaps this might imply that either I saw her being right - and learned from her so that I was right - then or perhaps, that by us communicating we reached a consensus - that was - right, perhaps because we both avoided being wrong through that process.

* Now - similarly - if I'm Wrong, does that mean that she's - right?

No - because I could be Wrong and she could also be Wrong. Perhaps this might imply that She was lead astray by Me - and Wasn't Right because She listened to What I said and took it seriously or Perhaps sometimes When we listen to each other cooperatively We both ended up Wrong, so .....

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