Sunday, January 18, 2009

A Truce - After What ??

I have witnessed horrific deaths
Massacres if you will
Through images – through feelings

A war
1200+ deaths
– terror
no power, little food – no escape

- - Contrasting Greatly –
Perhaps little over
One Hundredth – of the Deaths
== Rockets who killed a Few

“Fear” – is of course Why
“Those People” – can only understand force
“Deterrence” (will stop them)
“We are the Good People”

They should now surrender
No longer killing or threatening

Our Souls – are singed –
We aren’t innocent
We are witnesses
To Madness – Murder

“I was abused as a Child,
so I, of course, must Kill,
Kill and Kill – to Prevent
Further Abuse of Myself

- Who – Strangely – Continue
- To Kill
- Not Seeing
- The Goodness in My Heart"
We are Naked
We are Weak
It is sad

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