Thursday, September 04, 2008

My Disconnect ?? - Re: Sarah Palin

Reading this morning that Sarah Palin's speech was rated highly by various parts of the news media shows me (I think ???) of a Great Divide between some of us and purported "mainstream America".

I found the speech pathetic! I heard virtually nothing of substance - and what might pass for substance - supported a narrow minded, right-wing view of the US and the world that seems myopic and just wrong to me.

Pandagon (blog) reports that 36 out of the 2380 delegates at the Republican Convention are Black. The world of that Convention seems a "different reality" from the worlds that I live in.

My partner managed a budget two jobs ago in programs for children in California - that was larger than the budget for the town that Palin was the mayor of. An introductory speaker spoke of the town of 10,000 - being of a similar size to "Many American Cities".

Palin's record on earmarks, teen pregnancy, and many other issues seems narrow and right wing. She seems to know little about many issues and what she believes in where she speaks speaks to a country that I'd rather not be a citizen of. Yes, we all want decency and respect, blah, blah, blah, but ....

I have trouble imagining how George Bush is seen as a terrible president - and yet John McCain - with policies very similar is somehow perceived as "different and better". McCain may be a "maverick" and Palin may be "unique" or "different" in some ways, but I hope that enough USians can see through their smoke and mirrors and fear based campaign to help us bring some real, positive change in our country.


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