Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Sadness - at hearing of the Death of U. Utah Phillips

At age 57 icons of my younger days are dying off in increasing numbers. I am sad at hearing of the death of U. Utah Philips. Though his music and persona were never really, really important to me, he was always one I admired - thinking of on a path from Woody Guthrie through many others to my present.

I know that we are all affected by various people who we came to know of in our formative years. For me, though I don't follow them greatly, people like: Arlo Guthrie and Holly Near remind me of various parts of my younger life. I remember seeing Holly Near in a large theater in Chicago with perhaps 4000 women and maybe 50 men. It was the only time I remember being a "minority" in a men's restroom being male.

Unique people like U. Utah Philips - are a wonderful part of being alive and "different". He lived his life as he wanted to - with a strong commitment to social justice - which I admired and admire very much. He will be missed!


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