Thursday, March 13, 2008

Obama and "The Experience Factor" ?

It is said by some that Obama "lacks the experience to be a good president".

It seems to me that if "experience" alone is the key factor, the Democrats have zero chance in the election.

It seems to me that the Democrats need to be able to emphasize the differences on the issues, which are many, to win the election.

I would hope that:

1.) Economic Policies - and the economy would help the Democrats,
2.) Support of Abortion rights - would help the Democrats,
3.) "The Conservative Philosophy" and "The Policies of Fear" - would scare a lot of Americans - feeling like McCain would be more of failed Bush policies,
4.) The Wars in Iraq and the threat of wars elsewhere as well as general foreign policy failures - would help the Democrats.

IF the Democrats, no matter who is nominated, can not get across that McCain is very Conservative and that Conservatism is NOT the best option in 2008, then they won't win.

It seems important in the coming months for the Democrats to:

1.) Energize the Democratic vote and move towards working together and
2.) Make efforts - that make "middle of the road" voters see Democrats as "middle of the road" and Republicans as "not middle of the road".

Statements such as Ms. F - certainly Hurt the efforts to make Democrats look middle of the road.

Democrats have a great opportunity. So far though it seems as though they are following history and taking defeat from the jaws of victory. I hope that it won't end up this way - where 4 more years of reactionary Supreme Court appointments take away Roe vs. Wade, our other rights continue to be eroded and our economy is run by the rich, for the rich.


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